About Our Teachers

At Plato Academy, we strongly believe that the teachers are our number one asset. The quality of our teachers parallels the quality of our school. We select our teachers through a very extensive selection process. 

At Plato Academy, our teachers are:
  • Experienced in their field and time tested
  • Certified, highly trained and qualified
  • Love teaching children
  • Committed to success of every child
  • Great role models
  • Effective and cohesive as a team
  • Fair, honest and loving
  • Cooperative and available to parents
  • Actively teach kindness and peace

Kindergarten ------Ms. Neri ---     Neria@platoacademy.net
                             Ms.Baker  --   Bakerk@platoacademy.net
                             Mrs.LaPiccarella  --  Lapiccirellaa@platoacademy.net

 First Grade---------Mr. Pardoll ---  Pardollt@platoacademy.net
                              Mrs.Hix--  Hixr@platoacademy.net 
                              Mrs. Talley--- Talleym@platoacademy.net

Second Grade------Ms.Hamilton--  Hamiltonc@platoacademy.net
                              Mrs.Perez--   Perezje@platoacademy.net
                              Ms. Harris  -- Harrisc@platoacademy.net

Third Grade--------Mr. Guerrerar --- Guerrerar@platoacademy.net 
                             Ms.McCallister ---   McCallistera@platoacademy.net

Fourth Grade--Mr. Nissen----Nissenj@platoacademy.net
                        Ms. Justice---  justicek@platoacademy.net

ART/P.E. ----- Mr.Smith---Smithr@platoacademy.net
MUSIC----Mr.Manasijevic-----   manasijevicb@platoacademy.net       
P.E.-----Mrs. Reis--- Reisr@platoacademy.net